Nordtank Wind Turbines

EMI offers refurbished, upgraded wind turbine installations. Current inventory includes modified Nordtank 65 (40) and Nordtank 150s (100), all incorporating EMI’s customized wind turbine controller and other various mechanical and component upgrades.

Each unit has refurbished mechanical components and a customized EMI wind turbine controller (EMI-WTC) built to customer and application specifications. The EMI-WTC is key to providing reliable, maintenance free and lucrative wind turbine solutions to the secondary market. Whether you need a single turbine or have a multiple unit project, EMI’s proven customized solutions can be adapted to make your installation virtually maintenance free, practical and financially lucrative.

Nordtank 40 & 65 Turbines

Nordtank 65

Nordtank 100 Turbines

Nordtank 100