Customized Wind Controllers

Whether you’re installing a refurbished wind turbine or upgrading outdated controls for a wind farm, consider EMI-WTC wind turbine controller by EMI Renewable Energy.

EMI-WTC Wind Turbine Controller Features:

  • Near zero power consumption (“ZPC”)
  • Automation ties to process control
  • Remote HMI Functionality
  • I-Pad Ap interface for onsite or remote monitoring and control
  • Integrated power meter for measuring power and internal fault monitoring
  • Absolute wind vs. Relative metrics
  • Soft start yaw - reduces gearbox stress
  • E-Stop

Power Consumption Savings:

(A kilowatt saved is a kilowatt earned!)

Not only do wind turbines produce electricity, they also use electricity. This is most prevalent during light wind conditions when the turbine connects and disconnects from the grid. During much of this operation the generator is acting like a motor, using 3 phase power as it switches between using and producing power. The EMI-WTC “ZPC” feature eliminates the motoring effect; thereby, saving significant dollars in electricity usage. This is especially true for turbines connected to the local utility, participating in distributed generation programs. In this case the owner saves money by eliminating the purchase of retail electricity and the associated demand charges.

Absolute Nacelle Position (ANP):

ANP is used to provide the exact nacelle position, 360 degrees. It’s extremely helpful in eliminating power cable wind-up issues. ANP ties into a networked Local Area Anemometer (LAA) which provides wind speed and direction from a single anemometer, feeding multiple turbines operating in the local area.

Absolute wind measuring facilitates other features designed into the controller such as the ability to yaw the turbine 90 degrees out of the wind followed by setting the brake when entering maintenance mode or other non-emergency shutdown operations.

Temperature Based Performance Control:

Operating temperatures of the bearings, gearbox and generator are actively monitored by the EMI-WTC controller which can provide both alarm warnings and active out-of-wind yawing to protect the generator from overheating.

Turbine Control Panel:

The typical control panel in EMI’s installed wind turbines has been removed or replaced with either a windows based or I-Pad based Ap. Removal of the physical control interface saves on front end cost of the controller. End users can manage, control and diagnose individual turbines from anywhere they have internet connectivity.

Automation Tie In:

Wind turbines can now integrate into an overall energy management system with EMI’s Automation Tie In. Users manage the wind turbine and automate certain processes to run, or stop, based upon electrical output levels. Automation Tie In adds little cost to the controller but produces significant cost savings by using locally produced electricity first vs. buying retail. Automation also manages expensive electricity demand charges. Depending on the application, the Automation Tie In feature can double one’s net value received from each wind turbines.